Al Barari is home for the biggest outdoor kids playground in the region. Let your little ones get swapped away by an array of exciting activities


A first of its kind new outdoor playground. There is so much to love: a unique ‘Erikson’ playship, various climbing balancing units, enchanting swings, full-of-fun water play areas, standing seesaw, carousels and cable riders, cozy teepees, the fairy tale playhouse, fisherman’s hut, the magic sound play and so much more!


Our kids club is a space which gives both children and adults the opportunity to play and create. Whether you’re looking to design something for your home, a scrapbook, or make a headdress, catch a dream, or craft a vision board; our kids club has all the tools needed to take you right back to your uninhibited self.

Opening in March 2021


Enjoy the infinity-edge swiming pool located on the terrace.